31 Bits: The Romantic


31 Bits: The Romantic


The Dreamer: 2017

100% Paper beads

-> Country of Origin: Uganda & Indonesia

-> Who you are helping: All of 31 Bits' products are carefully crafted by hand by skilled artisans in Uganda and Indonesia. Our beaded products are made in Uganda from rolled up paper, sealed with a water-based varnish. Making beads from paper is a technique found throughout Eastern Africa. Our metal products and accents are made in Indonesia by skilled artisans who have spent years learning the craft. Metal jewelry used to be a much bigger industry in Indonesia, but has significantly decreased over the last decade. By giving artisans access to the global market, we are helping preserve this beautiful, traditional technique.

-> B1G1: With every purchase you make, we are giving forward. You Buy 1, and We Give 1. Our current campaign is providing:

1) Education for a disadvantaged child for x7 days

2) A hygiene kit for a girl for x7 days

3) A bicycle for necessary transport to school for x7 days

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