Is Ignorance Really Bliss After All?

Society tells us ignorance is bliss, but I am here to tell you why that logic is flawed.

The birth of the digital era brought many changes to our global community. One of the most significant changes is our connectivity to people around the globe. We are, for the first time in history, truly a global community. This enables us to unify around singular and/or multiple causes in ways unimaginable before. 

Awareness is fundamental to human nature and existence. 

Without true awareness, in its most primitive sense, we would be in danger of an array of circumstances daily. For example, going back to developmental psychology, we would not realize dangers in our environment (touching a hot stove, reflex, removing hand to avoid danger). In a social context, the more aware we are, the more connected we are, thus allowing us to work together to solve problems. 

As technology continues to improve and individuals, organizations, etc. work to ensure technology is distributed globally, our "awareness" becomes vastly more relative. The collective impacts we can have working together as a global community are endless. 

Our purpose and vision.

When we started Stone & Virtue, our purpose and vision was always clear. Through this process of beginning a social business, we have spent countless hours researching the internet. It has become more clear than ever, the importance of working together to help solve global issues. We have been amazed by the vast amount of resources we have stumbled across and very excited about the relationships we are building. 

We no longer live in communities that only involve the people closest in proximity to ourselves. Sociologically, in the past, this provided many benefits. In prior eras of human evolution, it was quite necessary for survival. 

In our new era of unlimited information, we truly have the ability to connect in a global and meaningful way with other people. 

Ignorance isn't bliss. It's cowardice.

Let me explain what we mean. We love learning about society, people, cultures, and we are sure if you are still reading this -you do too. We know not everyone feels this way, but maybe evolution will have a way of changing that perspective as well. We don't want to live in a bubble, and we know you don't either. Unfortunately, many people do, as evidenced by growing political movements around the world. But, lets not get stuck and get back to the topic of discussion.

Once you have a certain awareness of situations in life, how can you continue to live in a way that doesn't convict you to be a part of the solution? Growing up, empathy has always been very natural for me. I have always wanted to learn about people, groups, cultures and life. As an adult, that desire has only amplified. This desire is distinctly why each brand we feature is already working toward philanthropic change. In addition, with our partnership with B1G1 (, we hope to create more momentum and positive effects globally, on small and large scales. Change requires movement. We want to be a part of that momentum.

So, at the risk of sounding redundant, intentionally remaining ignorant is not some form of bliss. It isn't an option. It's cowardice. It is choosing the easy way out. It's the attitude of "if I choose not to think about it, then it doesn't affect me". It's an unfortunate attitude, but we have so much to look forward to with the growing community of people who do want to be informed and progressive about change. There are many more people to meet, and many causes to get involved in. 


Plans to engage you with resources and community.

It is our plan to provide and engage you with resources for information, beyond solely, Stone & Virtue, although we will provide relevant company information as well. We will provide resources for global topics, resources directing you how to get involved, locally and globally and as a place for community and sharing ideas. Naturally, we will also share the impacts, Stone & Virtue, are creating for people around the world. We want to share stories about our artisans, the connections we've made, and the work we are involved with. We hope to learn more about the work you are involved with as well.

Stone & Virtue exists, because of our identification with others as being vital to human interaction, and our desire to connect with and learn about people globally. Stone & Virtue exists for the very same reasons many of your social businesses exist and/or the businesses and people you admire. With that knowledge, we plan to develop a community for people to turn to for information and direct you to other relevant people and communities that are dedicated to the same values. We must all unite. One website or blog shouldn't aim to take away from another, but should continue to keep the discussions going for impact movements to progress. 

We will be adding new information, when relevant, and we hope you will join us on this journey. Please feel free to comment with any helpful information needed to add to the discussions. We want a community of like-minded individuals working together to solve problems and to create comprehensive resources to help us all find answers to the solutions we are seeking.

You will likely stumble upon information you already know, but please don't let this deter you. We want to start from the bottom and move up, so everyone can be informed and involved. We look forward to your feedback and know it is vital to our growth and our mission. When we work together, we can accomplish things far beyond our singular thinking alone.

With Gratitude, 

Anna Lisa

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