Mercy House Global: Copper Gratitude Bracelet


Mercy House Global: Copper Gratitude Bracelet


Copper Gratitude Bracelet

Sometimes we just need a reminder to be grateful.

These sweet paper bead bracelets are made by empowered women in Kenya who are a part of the community outreach group led by a graduate of Rehema House.

Each bracelet has 3 painted "copper" beads that remind us to ask ourselves these 3 questions every day:

1. Who do I appreciate?
2. What made me smile?
3. How was God good today?

Style Tip: Wear this with everything to remind you to be grateful!

-> Country of Origin: Kenya

-> Who you are helping: The Mercy House Global products are made by women empowered by Mercy House. They engage women through maternity homes in Kenya and employment through Fair Trade Friday in more than 25 countries all around the world. By purchasing these products, you are supporting these young mothers and their children. *The artisans who make  these beautiful pieces are some of the most oppressed and impoverished in the world, from Kenya to Ethiopia to refugees relocated to the United States. They are paid more than a fair wage and empowered by your purchase.

-> B1G1: With every purchase you make, we are giving forward. You Buy 1, and We Give 1. Our current campaign is providing:

1) Education for a disadvantaged child for x7 days

2) A hygiene kit for a girl for x7 days

3) A bicycle for necessary transport to school for x7 days

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