shop impact

  • 1 PURCHASE = (1) BUY1 GIVE1 IMPACT: With our partner, Buy1, Give 1. (
  • CAMPAIGN FOCUS: Creating micro impacts that affect people in our global community.
  • ROTATING CAMPAIGNS: Current campaign listed below.
  • 1 PURCHASE = 7 DAYS OF WATER: Access to water that is clean, sustainable and life-saving for people in Ethiopia.
  • MICRO IMPACTS ADD UP! Rotate campaigns periodically to assure well-rounded charity.
  • TAKE ACTION & JOIN OUR CAUSE: You can create a real change sustainable impacts.
  • IT TAKES ALL OF US! Armed with a globally conscious community, we can work together creating lasting changes, that are real, measurable & life-sustaining for millions of people globally, who are in need. We matter.           

Our Vision

  • STONE & VIRTUE'S VISION: An emergent values' based brand featuring socially conscious clothing, jewelry & accessories.
  • MISSION FOCUSED: Our brands are ethical and working to drive sustainable incomes for our global community, aligning our visions.
  • DRIVE FAIR LABOR: Unite, assist & educate our global citizens.  
  • ART IS VITAL: My 12 year-old daughter will be collaborating with me to combine our own unique artistic styles, while hoping to help her understand the value of creating something beautiful with purpose. We will design a few minimalistic pieces of jewelry and a few tee shirt designs. These designs will be hand-crafted, eco-friendly and distributed in small batches, preventing over-saturation. Our line (Cloth & Virtue) will be coming out soon.                                            

When any purchase is made with Stone & Virtue, we give 7 days of access to life-saving clean water to a family in Ethiopia.