Our Why

Stone & Virtue is a style/fashion company featuring jewelry and clothing with socially conscious branding and philanthropic messages. Each purchase made with us will benefit a socially conscious cause, enabling you to visualize your impact.

Stone & Virtue will also allow you to categorize shopping by impacts meaningful to you personally.  We will add different Buy1Give1 campaigns, so you know exactly what causes you are supporting.

We will set goals for campaigns and track progress on our website. Please visit (www.b1g1.com) to learn more about the changes we are collectively making in the daily lives of our global community.


It All Started When...


I am thrilled to have you here on our website and reading more about Stone & Virtue. This idea has truly been years in the making. Since I was a child, I have always known I wanted to live my life making a lasting impact in other's lives. I have bachelor's degrees in both Psychology and Nursing. As an artist as well, I have always had creative ambitions, knowing there would be a path for artistic vision in the future. Fashion and design have been an integral part of my life, so it seemed natural to fuse my passions. Following my spiritual path has lead me to this very place today. Please join me on this journey uniting style & philanthropy, creating meaningful change to people around the world, while illustrating your own personal style.

With gratitude,

Anna Lisa 


Photo from: B1G1, our global impact partner, from first “give forward” campaign

(providing water to families in Ethiopia).